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"Erika is engaging and encouraging with my 6 year old daughter, who had no prior experience with a second language. She’s helped her overcome that initial hesitation of saying new words, and my daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions."  -Emily H., Outschool Parent

"I’ve taken an adult class and my children take conversational Spanish via zoom with Maestra Erika. We ALL absolutely adore her and enjoy learning with her! She’s always flexible and adaptive and meets us at our individual levels so well!"  -Gara H.

"My daughter has been taking weekly classes for 4 months now. She is learning and loving her weekly Spanish class. Highly recommend this program!"  -Blair M.

"Miss Erika is a wonderful teacher. She teaches through stories which my child really enjoyed! Through the stories, the children are learning vocabulary and more! My son learned a lot in these classes. Erika is really enthusiastic and makes the learning fun and easy! I highly recommend her classes."  - Jade G., Outschool Parent

"Ms. Erika is very patient with the children. They seem drawn to her upbeat personality. Reads with so much excitement. Spends time with each student in the short time. I recommend her class!" -Maria J., Outschool Parent

"We've been taking classes with Erika for over a year now - we love it! Super thankful for this option for my kids to learn another language as kids."  -Kristin S.

"My son loves this class! He was nervous for his first class but the teacher does a great job guiding each student in class. Now it's his favorite part of the week!"  -Vanessa R., Outschool Parent

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